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“Synthesis of deep attachment to the Italian footwear tradition and passion for research and product innovation””

A century of Shoe Making

Our History

The Camarda family boasts an almost century-old legacy of three generations of shoe manufacturers. The brand is a synthesis of deep attachment to the Italian footwear tradition and a passion for research and product innovation. The processes are multiple and all handcrafted. The most used is “The Goodyear Welt”, which stands out for its strong manual component. Each shoe is colored and shaded by a highly specialized workforce able to give uniqueness to each single piece. Only “full grain” leathers with natural tanning are used which enhance the qualities of this product. Polishing is then capable of giving life to an infinite range of colors.



Crafted personally for our customers

Lorenzo Camarda

Creativity, Passion, Traditions

Having a beautiful, elegant and flexible pair of footwear is the dream of many. A dream that Lorenzo Camarda has achieved thanks to the combination of two essential elements to achieve this goal: the art of craftsmen and technological research, creating shoes with a self-modeling sole for a high-level experience, while offering never-before-seen flexibility. seen before.

Our Future

Our online shop

With the willing to spread our passion for high quality shoes, we’ve projected our personal e-shop letting people from all over the world choose and purchase long lasting handmade shoes. Yes we ship worldwide and provide quick support for any of your needs.



Handmade with love


we believe in quality, traditions and handmade


with passion

Genuine Leather

full grain


No plastic used during shoe crafting


Camarda Family